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When a parent refuses to be involved in a child’s life, the other parent may wish to terminate that individual’s parental rights. It is important to realize that there could be financial risks involved with this. For instance, if the parent has been paying child support, terminating his or her parental rights would make these payments no longer a requirement.

There is a lot to think through when it comes to terminating a parent’s rights. Whether you are seeking to terminate your ex-spouse’s parental rights or defending against a spouse who is trying to terminate yours, the West Houston parental rights lawyer at Schouten Legal can provide you with the legal advocacy you need. He has represented clients who face similar situations to yours, and he is committed to fighting for the best interests of you and your child.

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Grounds for Termination in Texas

There are a variety of reasons that a parent’s rights regarding their children could be terminated.

Grounds for termination of parental rights include:

  • The parent has knowingly placed the child in harmful conditions
  • The parent has failed to provide financial support
  • The parent has voluntarily abandoned the child
  • The parent has abused the child
  • The parent is deceased
  • The parent is in prison

When seeking to terminate the rights of a child’s parent, an individual must file a petition of termination with the court. In order for a court to rule in favor of termination, the judge will need to see clear and convincing evidence that the parent’s conduct legitimately meets the grounds for termination. The judge will also need to see proof that this course of action is in the best interests of the child.

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