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Every divorce case involving children in Texas requires a parenting plan. This decree sets forth the rights and duties of parents regarding their children. Each parenting plan includes a visitation schedule, or a possession and access schedule, as it is referred to in Texas. This schedule shows when each parent spends time with their child.

If you and your spouse cannot arrive at an agreement regarding your possession and access schedule, the West Houston visitation lawyer at Schouten Legal can help. With years of experience handling all kinds of family law cases, Attorney Schouten has the knowledge and skills that can help protect you and your child’s best interests during visitation disputes.

If you have questions about child visitation in Texas, Attorney Schouten has the answers you need. For qualified legal assistance, reach out to him today at (832) 772-5774.

About Standard Possession Orders

Some couples are able to come up with a visitation schedule that satisfies both parties on their own. For those who cannot agree on the terms, the court will issue a standard possession order in most cases (although it may not be appropriate for everyone).

The primary rules for the standard possession order include the following, which may vary based on the distance between the parents:

  • On the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Friday, the child will visit the noncustodial parent from 6 PM on Friday to 6 PM on Sunday schedule varies based on how far away the noncustodial parent lives from the child
  • Every Thursday during the school year, the child will visit the noncustodial parent from 6 PM to 8 PM
  • When there is a school holiday on a Friday, the child will commence the weekend visit on Thursday at 6 PM
  • When there is a school holiday on a Monday, the child will conclude the weekend visit on Monday at 6 PM
  • Each year, the child will visit the noncustodial parent on certain holidays on an alternating basis
  • From July 1 to 31, the child will visit the noncustodial parent, with one weekend being granted to the custodial parent during that time

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The West Houston visitation attorney at Schouten Legal wants to help you achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family. While working with you, he is able to draw from his extensive experience and knowledge to protect your best interests throughout all divorce-related matters, including child visitation rights.

Attorney Walter Schouten is ready to stand with you to fight for your and your child’s rights. Call (832) 772-5774 to discuss your possession and access schedule with him today.

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